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Greetings readers! I love talking about music so I figure I write about it too! I also host a radio show every Saturday morning called Alternative Avenue from 10 AM to Noon ET on OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio; a college radio station out of SUNY Old Westbury. Some of my favorite artists are Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Black Keys, The Raveonettes, My Bloody Valentine, Wu Tang Clan, Run The Jewels, Michael Jackson, Quasimoto, KRS-One and so much more. I honestly don’t care if you’re an ump-teen time Grammy winner or some local garage band from Podunk town A. As long as your music is creative and inspired, I’ll give it a listen! Outside of music, video games, Pro-Wrestling, The Simpsons, various cartoons, and How I Met Your Mother are among the many other things I like to blab about. So if you’re not down with that, I got no words for you.

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